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What We're Not

When we hear the word ‘church’, our minds begin to think about things such as ‘tradition’, ‘rules & regulations’, ‘hypocrisy’, ‘stuck-up/sanctified & holier than thou folks’, ‘mo money, mo money & mo money asking’, etc.. Do you get the hint? Unfortunately, there is a negative connotation about the word ‘church’ and it is because folks are following the traditions of the past versus the God of the present!

Real vs. Pretend

Our desire is to keep it real or as the young folks would say, ‘keep it 100′. The bottom line is that we all have issues and if we come to church and pretend that we have it all together, we are fooling no one but ourselves because God knows that we all have some issues. Greater Destiny desires to be a hospital that the sin sick soul can come and get the prescription for their pain. If you are looking for a church where everyone has it together with no hang-ups or issues, everyone dresses in the finest rags every Sunday and everyone speaks the king’s proper English, please be assured this is not the church for you. However, if you are looking for some folks who are broke, busted and disgusted, if you are looking for some folks who are struggling with some issues, if you are looking for some folks who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you are looking for some REAL folks, we invite you to ‘come over here where the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on’! Ssshhh – We know we have some pretend folks in the building, but we pretend that they have some issues to make them feel comfortable with the rest of us!

Ministry vs. Money

Now we know that Jesus spoke more about money than He did faith, heaven and hell, but aren’t you tired of going to a church where it seems like they are begging for money continuously and you don’t even know where the money is going? We are forward with our partners and tell them that Greater Destiny Christian Ministries is a non-profit organization that exist on the contributions of our partners. The people who are connected with our ministry believe in our vision and purpose and therefore, give cheerfully and generously. We never try to make people give and we stress that if you don’t have joy in giving your dollar or your dime, please keep it because the Lord loves a cheerful giver. Also, we are committed to keeping our books WIDE open so you know where your money is going and what our ministry needs are.

Purchased vs. Perfect

Anyone who attends a perfect church, must have literally died and gone to heaven because there are no perfect churches on this side of Zion. Every ministry has some issues because it is comprised of PEOPLE WITH ISSUES. Greater Destiny never proclaims to be a perfect church, but we are a church purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. We’re not a church that doesn’t make mistakes, but we are a church that believes in asking, receiving and giving forgiveness. The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins so we are so thankful that we have a lot of love because we have a lot of sin. If you see something wrong, we don’t want you to gossip about it, but pray about it and help us formulate a solution. The best medicine/bandages are the ones applied by those who KNOW where the pain is. Whether a partner or a visitor, we welcome feedback on how we can improve not only your worship experience, but your Christian walk.

Ministries vs. Boards

We are not a church filled with BOARDS because boards break people, but MINISTRIES serve people. So instead of having a Deacon Board that will edict do’s and don’ts, we have a Deacon Ministry that will walk with you and determine how we can serve you. The only board we will offer you is a whiteboard or a chalkboard where you can write down suggestion on how we can advance the kingdom of God together.


Bottom line is we are a Bible believing and teaching ministry that has a Pastor that believes in making the messages applicable to your daily walk. We love to laugh and smile and enjoy our Christian journey. If you are looking for a ministry that won’t judge you for how you come in, but will walk with you to help you leave better than you were, you should come by and check us out.

    Greater Destiny Christian Ministries

    100 3rd Avenue SW
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061

    PH: 410-236-3831


    A Biblical Centric & Holy Spirit led non-denominational ministry that is focused on leading people into their destiny and purpose for Kingdom building and living.

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