A New Year Mindset

So often when the New Year comes upon us, we are quick to make resolutions, vows, promises, decrees or whatever terminology we so choose to use to express our desire to do something new and revolutionary. It could be spiritual such as we will read our Bible more, spend more time in devotions with our family and God, give more financially to our local church or simply better use our God given talents and gifts. In the physical, it could be things such as exercise more, spend more time reading, or not spend money as frivolously as we have in the past.  

For as great as those 'ideals' are, the question should be raised on why do we have to WAIT for a New Year to say what we will do? Why couldn't we have done those 'things' last year, last month or even last week. The bottom line as we move into this New Year, we can no longer afford to 'talk about' what we are going to do, but we have to move forward with a Nike Spirit of 'Just Do It'. Whatever it is that you have been planning, plotting and preparing to do, JUST DO IT.  Stop wasting your energy talking to yourself and others about what you are going to do and JUST DO IT....  Make this year as a Year of  JUST DO IT!

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